Quiet week in sunny Trondheim

May ended well with guests in the house both Friday and Saturday evening. Everybody was happy that the pandemic now finally had come to an end,...

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Mission Possible 5

Bjørn has been as much outdoors as indoors last week, and five of the days there was a rescue operation on the nearby mountain. My drone got...

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Yes, We Love this Country

Here I sing the national anthem outside the house, by the statue of King Sverre, the Birkebeiner king who "spoke against the Pope in Rome!" The...

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Now is the Month of Maying

The Month of May! We love you, and there will probably be milder weather eventually. Visit Bjørn had a busy last week at the turn of the month...

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The opening of Norway – Welcome!

Finally! Tomorrow, the national bar stop will be lifted, and we will return to a distance of one meter between the guests. This means that the...

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My first blog!

My first blog! Since Visit Bjørn is almost synonymous with Bjørn Fjeldvær, this blog will be personal. This website is made by the good people at...

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