Another week has passed, another entertaining dinner served in the living room. Saturday with Johnny Cash as the theme, where I served this 4-course meal before the concert:

«The sea»  Cognac marinated smoked salmon loin, hot smoked pepper salmon from Frøya and smoked trout from Hitra, with freshly baked seaweed bread and mustard sauce.

«The mountain»  Cured meats from Oppdal and Frosta, Jerusalem artichoke, almond potato, sour cream, my brandy troll cream and my nut bread.

“Bacalao”  Three varieties of bacalao: Norwegian (tomato-based), Portuguese (cream-based) and Italian (with Jerusalem artichokes, capers and black olives). Accessories: Fried small sausages (from Gammelgården Lysklæt), freshly baked olive bread, sunflower bread, aioli, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, capers, Fannrem sour cream and Røros butter.

“The King” My secret royal dessert.

All dishes were served with an accompanying song (you will find one of them in the movie below)

A very nice evening that probably will be presented in the newspaper HitraFrøya, as a journalist from the newspaper was present. More about this later, here is this week’s film clip showing two other events: Ila Street Market + my new Bacalaosang:





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