Bjørn grew up on a small island, on the farm Fjellvær. All of the food on the table was taken from the barn, the fields and the sea outside. Grandma told stories at the table, and much of Grandma is reflected in the experience: the food, the dishes, the stories and the music. Sometimes Bjørn likes to combine local traditional dishes with Mediterranean delicacies: Bacalao is the house’s signature dish, and at least 2 varieties of bacalao will be served, as well as Bjørn’s bacalao song!

Trøndelag has become Norway’s number one food region. All of the breads are baked in the house on the serving day, and the grain and flour are sourced from nearby farms with their own mills. Salmon, trout and crab are sourced from Hitra, Frøya and Fjellværøya, the vegetables from Frosta, and eggs, milk and meat products are sourced directly from the farmer.

Many of the products are awarded with gold medals, as is the beer from Frøya.

For larger groups in the living room, a table is covered in kitchen, with 2 starters, 2 main courses and a dessert.

For smaller groups in the kitchen, the 4-course “The Sea – The Mountain – Grandfather – The King” is served.

5-course dinner:
“Salmon – Bacalao – Albondigas – Pilgrim – The King’s Dessert”


Smoked salmon, trout, seaweed, bread and a local song from Hitra Frøya and Fjellværøya


Bjørn’s infamous bacalaos with freshly baked olive bread and lots of accessories.


Albondiga and Patatas Bravas served with olives and fresh olive breads with aioli.


3 tasty types of local cheese served with local accessories and a song.


Royal dessert from Bjørn’s visit to the Royal Ship, where he dined with the King and the Queen

Selected beer, wine and aquavit can be included 

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