Bjørn has been as much outdoors as indoors last week, and five of the days there was a rescue operation on the nearby mountain.

My drone got stuck in the top of a tall tree, which was not very suitable for climbing (I did try). I estimated the height of the tree to be 10-12 meters, and that the drone was stuck 3 meters from the top, and the first day I posted a post on facebook, as I have so many practical and creative friends. The proposals did not wait long and were tried out one by one. But the tree turned out to be 17 meters high, and the drone was stucked at a height of 13 meters. It was an entertaining action with a lot of wondering audience and fun conversations. I will make a short version later this week, of all 5 days + some music and food from Saturday’s event «Bjørns Beste» (The Best of Bjørn), but here you can watch how it went with “Rescue Team 005”, and the last episode in the current season 1.





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