Finally! Tomorrow, the national bar stop will be lifted, and we will return to a distance of one meter between the guests. This means that the living room concert on Saturday will run as normal, with 15 guests, food and music 18.00-22.00, and I can start posting more events. Next weekend the theme is Johnny Cash and there are some places available. You can find more info and tickets here:

It’s extra nice to go towards spring this year! Infection rates throughout the country are declining, and in Trondheim the situation is so good that the local news reports:

“The startlingly low infection rates in Trondheim impress assistant health director Espen Nakstad”

Tomorrow I will make a new film clip which will be posted on Youtube, and I think it will be about bacalao this time, because tonight clipfish is soaked to become two bacalaos that will be served on Saturday. The theme is “Bjørns Beste” (the Best of Bjørn) and then I have to serve the best food and the best music, with the best stories. Check my Youtube channel from time to time, because there will be something new every week:


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