The Month of May! We love you, and there will probably be milder weather eventually. Visit Bjørn had a busy last week at the turn of the month with 2 living room concerts and a gig outside the house, in fact right outside the church in the city center.

In addition, I fulfilled my wish to cycle to a farm to pick up grain and flour that is both grown, harvested and ground on the farm. It was a somewhat strenuous ride, when I chose the old bike that does not have gears, so if you want to see a 66-model islander on a 52-model women’s bike up the steep Brubakken on Bakklandet, you will find a film at the bottom of the blog.

There you will also find more about the visit to farmer Lars Vidar and his son Johan at the farm Reppe Søndre, and see that it was worth the effort! I will definitely visit them again!

Two fantastic living room concerts this weekend: Tom Waits on Friday and Bruce Springsteen on Saturday, both with a packed (legal) living room and enthusiastic audience. You can find more clips from it in the Youtube movie below.

There is a lot going on next week as well, both with food and music, so I hope you can subscribe to my Youtube channel, and you will be notified when I post something new (it is free to subscribe).

Wish you a nice week!

Regards Bjørn

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