This year it is 10 years since the family of 5 traveled around the world! We went as backpackers with instruments and played around the world for 10 months. This year we were going on an anniversary trip in several countries, but due to the pandemic it was changed to something completely different:

Traveling from Oslo to Trondheim – 643 km on foot – with the same backpacks as 10 years ago.

This time, instruments and amplifiers were replaced with hammocks and sleeping pads. Sandals replaced with mountain shoes and restaurant visits replaced with storm kitchen. But I can tell you: It was a very nice trip!

We took the train down to Oslo on Sunday 27th of June and started the hike on the 28th. We planned to stay overnight outside for the next 30 days, because we had not booked a single overnight stay. But it turned out to be vacant almost everywhere, so there was as much accommodation in good beds as in hammocks. Despite chafing and sore toes, we did surprisingly well, and we reached Nidaros in the sunshine on Saturday 24th of July!






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